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Why Taxi/cab private tours in Greece : Because you will always find more to explore...

EVZONESOn the right of the page, after discussions with a lot of people, here are the  pros and cons, using all available methods, for touring in Greece. 

Also you could see (below) with details all the places we recommend you should visit (if you have the time) in Greece. Some of them you can explore from Athens with half day or full day tours.

Also you could travel to all of these destinations (and further) with an overnight stay, which is better than daily tours because you donít have to return to Athens and be stuck in the traffic. Instead you will spend every night at a different beautiful traditional Greek village or town. Definitely a lifetime experience
  Greek Life


  Pros and Cons of tour bus.

 Entrance tickets included in the package.
 More economical for less than two.
 Travel around with other fifty tourists.
 Fixed itineraries, mainly on highways.
 Restricted stops. (for meal or shopping).
 Impersonal guided tours.
 No contact with locals.

  Pros and Cons of car rental.

 More economical for groups over three persons.
 Parking extremely limited in major cities.
 Insurance coverage only up to $ 900 usd
.Driver cannot appreciate the scenery.
 Not well Sign-posted, especially out of capital.
 Stressful driving conditions.
 Expensive Gas and road tolls.

  Pros and Cons of Private tour.

 Single supplement . The price is per vehicle not per person.
 Stops wherever you desire.

 Travel mainly through villages and avoid the highways
 Personal guided tours and contact with locals.
 Stop and shop at your leisure.
 More elastic tour duration as you reach destination faster.


If you prefer to stay in Athens there are endless attractions here too, day and night.

Best Tours in Greece

Best Tours in Greece Best Tours in Greece

The Acropolis crowned by the Parthenon visible from any part of the city, the old city of Plaka, which is the original Athens when it was declared capital of independent Greece. The Ancient Agora (market place) countless museums where every possible artifact can be admired. Wherever you wish to travel with us, whether, on a day trip in Athens, a full day excursion or even a week long trip, we guarantee you will see the real Greece. It will be a holiday youíll treasure and will remain unforgettable. Temple of Poseidon at  Sounion  with its breathtaking sunsets.

In Central Greece, Delphi  with its famous Oracle, '' the navel of the world '' on the slops of the Mount. Parnassus.

Best Tours in Greece

In Peloponnesus, the ancient sites of Corinth, and  Mycenae the theatre of Epidavros, famous for its remarkable acoustics. All reached from Nafplion the first capital of modern Greece.

Best Tours in Greece

Best Tours in Greece

The Byzantine city of Mystras with the middle ages houses, castles, churches and monasteries from 10thand 11th Century, which provided havens in the Byzantine Empire and Sparta. The Ancient Messini - Ithomi


Further a field you can explore the Mani with its austere tower houses and dramatic shores. Gorgeous Monemvasia built on an island rock attached by a causeway to the mainland. Tower house Pyrgos Kapetanakou (Photo) situated in Areopolis the capital of Mani on the south coast of the Peloponnesus has been converted into a pension. Olympia  the site of the Olympic Games.

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 Meteora with its monasteries perched on towering pinnacles of rock, where those famous religious caskets are lifted on twirling conglomerate pillars, mark the eastern frontier of the Pindus, which is the backbone of northern Greece

Best Tours in Greece

Best Tours in Greece

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