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Nafplion Tour

Nafplion tour

Corinth Canal, Ancient Corinth, Nemea, Mycenae, Tiryns, Nafplion (overnight), Palamidi, Epidavros.

Starting from Athens we drive westwards along the scenic coast , through the ancient areas of Elefsis and Megarauntil we reach the Corinth canal with its breathtaking views (short stop / on the bridge, which is the highest point of the canal -80 meters high and 6 kms long- which connects the Aegean Sea to the Ionian Sea (short stop).

Shortly after we reach the Ancient town of Corinth (visit). Back in ancient times Corinth was one of the three major powers in Greece, and took part in all the battles against the Persians. It was from one of the richest cities and this is quite evident by its remains, including the huge Agora (market place) and Apollo's Temple (6th c . B .C.) Visit Nemea (41 km. from Corinthos) is close to the limits of the state of Argolida. This municipality is surrounded by an abundance of grapevines, which have given Nemea fame for the good wine they produce. Even in ancient times Nemea was renowned as being the place in Greek Mythology where Hercules killed the fearful lion.

 In the ancient site of Nemea the most notable building is the temple of Zeus ( 40c BC), The archaeological digs (which are still going on ) have brought to light baths and arenas, a stadium and foundations of other buildings, then drive on to Mycenae, the Homeric city of the Atreides, the city " rich in gold " of the ancient poets. Visit the Lions Gate, the Cyclopean Walls, the famous Royal Tombs of King Agamemnon e.t.c. Depart for ancient Tiryns, (Set on a bluff in the centre of a plain, the fortress of Tiryns is a Cyclopean structure dating from the 13c BC, a well preserved masterpiece of ancient military architecture.)

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If you desire an over night in a traditional hotel, located on the top of the old city just under the castle), the picturesque town nestling at the foot of a cliff crowned by the mighty ramparts of the Palamidi Fortress.

After breakfast visit the most well preserved castle in Greece, Palamidi. Continue for Nafplion (first capital city of Greece in modern time - time for shopping if you wish) through the fertile plain of Argolis, the picturesque town nestling at the foot of a cliff crowned by the mighty ramparts of the Palamidi Fortress.

Leave for in the hinterland of Epidavros to visit the sanctuary of Asklepios, the most brilliant centre of healing in the ancient world and the theatre ( 4th century B.C. ) one of the most perfect and the best preserved of the ancient Greek theatres. Return to Athens by the coastal road along the Saronic Gulf ( this time from the Peloponnese side), connecting Epidavros with the Corinth Canal.

Daily: Nemea site and Mycenae site: Daily in summer, 8a.m to 7p.m (winter to 3p.m)  Epidavros site: 8a.m to 7p.m (winter to 5p.m) Nafplion Mycenae Epidavros Nemea More...  All the information & photos on this website is updated continuously. Mobile phones : From Usa (01130) - 698 668 8996 and from Europe (0030) - 698 668 8996 - 698 239 1202 - 699 368 6946

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