Tours in Greece

Historical Battle - Herodotus 2 day tour

Marathon , Thermopylae, Delphi (oracle), Plataeae, Elefsina, Perama, Salamis

1st Day: Starting from Athens Athens in the morning ,drive through the fertile plain of Mesogia. Visit the battlefields of Marathona and the tombs of the Athenian soldiers who died in the battle.

Leave Marathon for the drive to Thermopylae stopping to see the statue of Leonidas. This is a tour strictly to see the battlefields and the scenery, there are no ancient ruins to see. The morphology of the ground has changed due to erosion by rain and sea. You can still get a good idea of how the battle must have been and where it took place.

 To obtain more detailed  information on the sites and what took place at Marathon and Thermopylae please use the hyperlinks below.

  Battle of Marathon Battle of Thermopylae Battle Of Plataeae More...

Drive via Mt. Anopaea to Delphi. The road which Ephialtes, offered to guide Persians around Thermopylae. Overnight in Delphi Delphi Oracle More...

2nd Day: On the slopes of Mount Parnassus, in a landscape of unparalleled beauty and majesty, lie the ruins of the Sanctuary of Apollo Pythios. Visit the Treasury of the Athenians, the Temple of Apollo and the Museum containing masterpieces of ancient Greek sculpture such as the bronze Charioteer and the famous athlete Aghias. Visit the Gymnasium and the Sanctuary of Athena Pronaea.

Drive via Thebes to Plataeae... Plataeae was an ancient city, located in Greece in southeastern Boeotia, south of Thebes. It was the location of the Battle of Plataeae in 479 BC, in which an alliance of Greek city-states defeated the Persians and ended the Persian Wars.

The Battle of Plataea was the final land battle during the second Persian invasion of Greece. It took place in 479 BC near the city of Plataea in Boeotia, and was fought between an alliance of the Greek city-states, including Sparta, Athens, Corinth, Megara and others, and the Persians Empire of Xerxes I. Return in Athens via Mount Kithairon, Elefsina. Daily: Departure 8.00 am. Return next evening.