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Get your money back

Millions of tourists visiting Greece this year will leave unclaimed a record of EURO in Value Added Taxes (V.A.T) paid on items they bring home. These are collected by the country, as it has been done in many countries around the world for years.
Travelers residents of non European Union countries are entitled to claim back the tax for goods purchased during their stay as long as these goods are exported within three months after the purchase date, in their hand luggage and if they spend more than 120 in one shop in one day. Don't leave your money behind!

There are many ways to get your tax refund.

- Cash at a nearby Global Refund Office
- Cash refund when you return home
- Direct crediting of a credit card
- Bank check sent to a chosen address 
- Direct crediting of a bank account, (applicable in some countries)

Refund in 3 easy steps

1. Shopping

As a non-European Union resident you are entitled to claim back the tax you pay on your purchases when you take them home.
Shop where you see the Global Refund Tax Free Shopping sign and simply ask before you pay for your Global Refund Cheque retail receipt at the cashier.



2. Through customs

When leaving a country or the European Union, show your purchases, Global Refund Cheques retail receipts and passport to customs officials and have your Global Refund Cheques stamped. You must stamp your Global Refund Cheques at the last stop before you exit the European Union.



3. Refunding

Collect your refund in cash at our nearby Cash Refund Office or mail the stamped Global Refund cheques  for a bank cheque sent to your home address or direct crediting of your credit card. If you are leaving from Athens International Airport for a country outside EU get your Global Refund Cheques stamped by customs there and go directly to Eurochange bureau de change (extra schengen area, Gates A1-4) and get your refund cash. Your refund amount is the VAT less an administration fee.

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