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Haeronia,Levadia ,Arachova, Delphi, Castalia spring.

Starting from Athens in the morning ,drive through the fertile plain of Beotia, driving through the town of Thebes connected with the tragedy of king Oedipus and the town of Chaeroneia, where in 338 BC the battle between the southern Greek cities and King of Greek Macedonians Phillip took place. Alexander then 18 years old, was making his debut in battle . Short stop at the lion's monument, 24 feet high. Proceed to Levadia, a busy town andan important junction in the road network. Alsoan industrial centre where its textile mills treat the cotton grown in the Copais valley.

The upper town is graced by white houses with jutting wooden balconies dating from the 18th C. We'll stop for a drink by the beautiful river Karya over the spot where the water springs out. In ancient times, Karya was said to be the location of the Oracle of Trofonios Zeus which included the springs of  Mnemosyne (Remembrance) and the spring of Lethe (oblivion). The oracle was used as a stage before visiting the oracle of Delphi and as such, through the times, it acquired great power and riches.

Arrive at Delphi the centre of the Ancient world - the "Ompfalos" Navel of the Earth - whose prestige extended far beyond the boundaries of the Hellenic world. On the slopes of Mount Parnassus (2450m), in a landscape of unparalleled beauty and majesty, lie the ruins of the Sanctuary of Apollo Pythios. Visit the Treasury of the Athenians, the Temple of Apollo and the Museum containing masterpieces of ancient Greek sculpture such as the bronze Charioteer and the famous athlete Aghias. Visit Castalia spring and the Sanctuary of Athena Pronaea.

After lunch return to Athens with a short stop  at the picturesque mountain village of Arachova, (a winter resort for skiers -time for shopping if you wish) built on the south slopes of Parnassus (940m/3084ft). The  main narrow street winds its way between taverns and workshops. In the taverns one can savor a dish of soft fried cheese (formaela) The workshops sell shoulder bags, carpets and long haired rugs (flokati) in bright colors.

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Daily : Sanctuary of Apollo: Summer 8a.m to 7.30p.m (winter to 3p.m) Entrance fee 9 Euro including the museum.

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