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Half or One Day Tour Ancient Corinth Acrokorinth

Starting from Athens we drive westward along the scenic coast of the Saronic Gulf through the ancient areas of Elefsis and Megara where the Battle of Salamis took place in 480 B. C . The Persians had overrun Athens and Attica and assembled their fleet in the Bay of Phaleron while the Greek triremes had withdrawn into the Bay of Elefsis.

 Even people who are not particularly interested in the
history of the numerous ancient temples will certainly enjoy a morning visit to Ancient Corinth, if only to admire the stunning sight of the sun caressing the marble ruins of the Temple of Apollo with its last golden rays, just before setting in the waters of the Corinthian Gulf

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 By a ruse Themistocles induced the Persian fleet to launch an attack of Perama to confine and destroy the Greek ships but it was unable to maneuver in the narrow channel and was dispersed and mostly destroyed under the eyes of Xerxes, the "King of Kings" who watched from a vantage point up on the cliffs. We reach the Corinth canal with its breathtaking views (short stop / on the bridge, which is the highest point of the canal ).
Shortly after we arrive at the Ancient town of Corinth (visit). Back in ancient times Corinth was one of the three major powers in Greece, and took part in all the battles against the Persians. It was from one of the richest cities and this is quite evident by its remains, including the huge Agora (market place) and Apollo's Temple (6th c . B C.)
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Visit the castle of Acrocorinth a beautiful castle situated high above the plains of Corinth. Time for shopping if you wish, there is a market with handicrafts at the entrance of the old city.  Time for lunch (if desired ) in a typical traditional Greek tavern. Brief stop for swimming (if desired) in the deep blue water of Loutraki, which combines the old fashioned charm of a traditional spa with the more modern attractions of a seaside resort, tucked into the crook of the Bay of Corinth.

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